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Whatever your mapping requirements Mapping Company Ltd can respond quickly, professionally and to the highest cartographic standards.

Whether you need location maps for business use on leaflets, stationery and marketing literature; maps for use on web sites; maps for travel guides and other publications or even maps for signage and information boards, we can help.

Please see the samples of maps we have produced - click the images to view the full map.

We try to make the map relevant to the business, hence the fire hydrants on this one. This was printed as an A4 leaflet. This map has used the colours from the Cats Protection logo so as to complement their web site. A detailed location map showing all the features the customer requested. The map was used in print and on their web site. A fairly simple design for this web site map, again using the company colours and similar fonts. All the DHL depot locations were provided in a spreadsheet and plotted. This map was printed as a poster for the office wall. An illustration was used to highlight the nature of this business for their online map.

Location Maps

All location maps are customised to your business. We use either our own GPS gathered data or copyright free source material wherever possible, to avoid additional costs. Colours and fonts will coordinate with your corporate style ensuring your map looks like it ‘belongs’ with your existing literature, rather than an afterthought. We can come up with the design for you, or we would be happy to work with your ideas.

Previous clients include: hotels, offices, shops and businesses, all across the UK


A simple and colourful design showing the walking route clearly. Descriptive text would have accompanied this printed map. This is designed to give an overview of where walking routes are located. It was produced as an information panel to be erected in the car park. A very detailed map using Ordnance Survey data as the base with the walks and points of interest overlaid. This map was produced as an information panel to indicate access and egress points for canoeists on the River Glaslyn. This was printed in a booklet with individual walks having descriptive text and detailing what lies at each numbered location. Simple and colourful. This was designed for children to use to follow a trail described in a printed leaflet.

Walking & Cycling Maps

These maps will often use Ordnance Survey material as their source. The base is redrawn, coloured and styled to your specific requirements, and the walking or cycling routes are then overlaid on top. Routes can be accompanied by symbols depicting specific navigational features along the way, such as gates, stiles, gradients, field boundaries and prominent buildings. Also included would be features important to the route such as viewpoints, benches and places for refreshment.

Previous clients include: National Trust, various County Councils


This was part of a set of maps about Botswana. Printed in a children's educational book. From a series of educational books, this one shows children physical features in Iceland. From a travel brochure showing a variety of destinations in South America. One of several maps highlighting places to see in Madeira. This map gives an overview of the whole island. A street map in a travel guide with a walking tour highlighted, and points of interest to visit along the way. This was printed in a travel guide. All places mentioned in the guide have been added to the map.

Travel Guides

Are you a travel company looking to include maps in your brochures? We can compile country maps highlighting your featured destinations and points of interest. They will be designed specifically to complement your text and photographs.

Previous clients include: Reef & Rainforest Tours, Last Frontiers, Thomas Cook, A&C Black


A printed map designed for new students to locate all the eateries on campus. A simple geology map used to accompany a slide presentation. Access information for fishermen on the River Dee. Locations of all adult service venues in London. Each venue depicted using humorous cartoons. An information panel situated in the centre of the village indicating walking routes in the area. An informative panel showing it's location within a building.


Whatever your requirement, we can usually meet it. Be it a completely fictional map for a computer game, maps incorporating cartoons and illustrations to highlight locations, or maps showing information specific to fishermen or canoeists. Perhaps you require simple geology maps or detailed outdoor information panels. We will create the artwork for you.

Previous clients include: wide and varied!


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